Ways to increase energy Levels in a pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly challenged us physically,

mentally, and emotionally, and the lingering uncertainty that’s

followed has caused unprecedented stress levels. I value my clients’

health and wellness and have compiled a list of a few pandemic-safe

ways to increase your energy levels, even if just a little.


1. Incorporate a simple bodyweight or mobility workout into

your everyday routine.

Minimal effort, maximum benefits. Get your heart rate up with no

equipment. Going on a walk can help improve your physical and

mental health. Put on a good playlist or invite a friend for the best


If you want to increase your physical activity and improve your fitness

levels, dedicate no more than 20 minutes of your day to some

bodyweight exercises. Start with three sets of 5-10:

● Squats

● Forward lunges

● Jumping jacks

● Modified burpees

● Plank shoulder taps

Work out from the comfort of your bed! Be fully energized for the day

with two sets of 10-15:

● Crunches

● Sit-ups

● Flutter kicks

● Hip bridges

● Side leg raises

Still a fitness beginner? Don’t fret. Use ten minutes of your day to

stretch. You’ll be sure to feel the endorphins whichever way you



2. Eat a good, nutritious meal.

You can always find comfort in food. Although many feel bloated and

sluggish after a good meal, there are ones that will keep you both

satiated and energized while also prioritizing your health and


Salads and rice bowls are affordable, customizable, and easy to

prepare. Make the latter in batches for future meals. We recommend

including your favourite carb, protein, vegetable, and healthy fat in

every dish for optimal satisfaction – and always make room for



3. Pursue that creative hobby you’ve been neglecting.

It’s easy for everyday life to wear you down, global pandemic or not.

Still, no one ever gets hurt by being creative. It’s a cliché that

creativity is the best form of expression, but it’s also true. Dedicating

your energy to creating will almost always release any pent-up stress.

That thing you wanted to do? Do it.


4. Rest!

Resting is vital and ensures future productivity plus higher energy

levels. In particular, mental health days are essential for overall

wellness. If you can, use a day to sleep in, binge your favourite

shows, enjoy a hearty meal, and practice self-care. You are your

biggest priority.


Your health and wellness are your greatest assets. We hope our

suggestions will enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-

being. Take care of yourselves (and each other!)

Justin Reid