Northern Ontario spots to fuel your activity

Northern Ontario offers undefeated outdoor terrain for adventurers

and non-adventurers to enjoy. Visit some of my favourite areas that

will guarantee an unforgettable experience and maximize your fitness

and physical activity levels.


Lake Superior Provincial Park in Wawa houses an array of must-visit

destinations. In particular, many consider Gargantua Bay a Lake

Superior Park treasure that offers the best fishing, hiking/camping,

and views of Lake Superior. The Lake Superior terrain, similar to the

rest of rural Northern Ontario, is rugged and unforgiving. You will

undoubtedly exceed your health and fitness goals after a day of

exploring Gargantua Bay.


Also located within Lake Superior Provincial Park is Agawa Rock,

Canada’s most well-recognized pictograph site documenting ancient

Indigenous art. The scenic trail to Agawa Rock, while short, is rocky,

challenging, and sure to test your endurance. Still, getting to view

these historical artifacts is more than worth the trek.


Orphan Lake Trail, located near Algoma District, offers countless

activities and unmatched panoramic views. Although visitors primarily

enjoy hikes and walks on this trail, you can still increase your fitness

levels on backpacking or camping trips. Stay for a few days and take

advantage of the scenic lookout and surrounding bodies of water.

My personal favourite, Hiawartha Highlands, is housed in my

hometown of Sault Ste. Marie. Its official website boasts elevation by

nature, with activities available for every season. Many of their trails,

including King Mountain, offer cross-country skiing and snowshoeing

during the winter. No matter the weather, Hiawartha Highlands

ensures to increase your physical activity.


Experience the best of Northern Ontario!

Justin Reid